Revenge, bitterness and resentment…Everybody hate these feelings, they eat us from inside, turning sweet to sour and it’s always the fault of somebody else, or? We can always choose our standpoint in any disagreement. Resentment is as much a choice as walking away.

When in a quarrel, we always want to be right. That’s the whole point of the quarrel; making the other person realize this. Problem is, the other person probably feels exactly the same. When we have different points of view we should respect that we don’t all think or act the same. A disagreement won’t end until this acceptance arrives and if it ends because it has come to a “Mexican stand-off”, resentment is raging. Nothing was solved and you had to step away…And then what? You’re going to carry this resentment, having it eat away at you? This guarantees that the same situation will occur over and over again, making you feel horrible and hateful.

Most disagreements are with friends and family, people we love. Why then is it so hard to find forgiveness and kindness? If we can’t find it towards the people we love we should not be so surprised or upset over the violence, revenge and war we see around us. It is probably much easier to kill some “idiot” in the street then killing your loved ones…Food for thought.

If the world around us is reflecting our state of mind and it is horrifying to us, we should start looking at ourselves and change within. Next time you are in a disagreement or quarrel, take a moment and think: “Is it so important that I am prepared to lose this person?” Look within and retrieve that love and kindness you carry there. Will this matter tomorrow or the next year? What do you really have to lose? Your momentary pride (ego) or a person you love?

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