We live like squirrels collecting for winter, except that we expect winter all the time and on all levels. We want to be right and collect our “winning points”. We fill our houses and pantries with more than we can use. We live in a world of “me, me, me”.

Step away for a moment, just a moment, and let go of this collecting need. Can you feel your mind and hands relax? Your shoulders drop as if there is no weight on them. Being right all the time is exhausting, it’s a constant fight that keeps us in protection mode making our muscles hurt with the exhaustion. Collecting things is the same, the more you have, the more you need to protect your stuff.

It is a relief to let go, to say: “You are right” and walk away. It is a relief to empty your overcrowded cupboards and realize that you miss none of it. To be truly at peace we need to let go…Just let it go and feel the tension leave your mind and body.

Enjoy your freedom

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1 Response to LET IT GO

  1. Eva-Lotta says:

    Du har så rätt min älskade vän!

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